June 17, 2006

Ten Things I Miss Most From Mom’s Cooking

This is my first meme and I am not sure I know the process.Thanks a lot, RP of My Workshop for tagging me. I guess this is like a relay where I get to take off from where RP left.
10 things seems so little to encapsulate my mom's cooking. I grew up on mom's food and all through my school years, I yearned to eat out for a change. But the moment I left home for undergraduation, everything I took for granted became a luxury only to be sampled insatiably during vacations and holidays. Even now, when I go home, I start nagging her to make something or the other.

So here is my list of 10 things of mom's cooking:
1.Mutton Biryani....everyone's mom makes the best biryani or so they think. She makes it the traditional "dum" way, with the rice and meat cooking together.It just infuses the rice with so much flavour.
2. Her cakes. Just plain old vanilla cake, but so light, you block out the calories as you eat. Made from scratch, using good old elbow power. When I was home, my father and I were the egg beaters and mixers.
3. Tapioca payasam with plantains.
4. Beef curry. The kind that has a layer of oil floating on top. Do I hear "eews, gross"? That curry with crusty bread.
5. Fish curry. Any kind.
6. Mango pickle. Not kanni manga, but the one with the mango chopped into tiny pieces, tempered with mustard seeds.
7. Wheat porridge (Godambu Varatiyathu). Eaten hot with sugar and ghee.
8. Lentil (Parippu) curry.
9. Stuffed mussels (Kadukka Neruchathu)
10. Last , but not the least beef samosas.
Maybe we should follow this up with things you miss from your grandmother or favourite aunt.I am not sure who has not yet joined the meme, so please feel free to post. Its nostalgic to read everyone's posts.


Nabeela said...

Mutton biryani, huh? :)
I miss eating proper hyderabadi....we don't have ANY hyderabadi restaurants in silicon valley...weird...

Nabeela said...
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Annita said...

What is tapioca payasam..never heard of it..sounds good..Do u have the recipe for that one..
BTW..u've got a good blog going..I'm visiting ur blog for first time

மதி கந்தசாமி (Mathy) said...


could u pls blog about this?

//Tapioca payasam with plantains.//

thanks in advance.


nandu kurup said...

i am also from calicut....and i am in serach of the chicken biriyani we get in calicut....even google didn't help me..they have an okay recipe in pachakam..but not like my friends umma's recipe...and no muslim friends from calicut here..or from our malabar side...i was wondering if u knew how to cook our kozhikodan kozhi biriyani...

there is this place called zain's near our calicut beach run by one ummachi and her daughter ...the food there is so yummy.........their pathiri and meen curry ....athum..meen mulakilittathu ...and biriyanikkum bhayangara ruchiya.....nothing can beat our malabar cooking.....sagar is nothing compared to this place called zain's...

anyway...very nice to see a blog from someone from kozhikode....

good work....


Seena said...
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Seena said...

As you said everyone thinks their mother is the best cook in the world. I miss her, waiting for june end..insha Allah..
It is very interesting to read your blog..thanks