July 07, 2006

Maddikki Pathiri/ Kannuvecha Pathiri/ Malabar Roti

Madikki Pathiri or Kannuvecha pathiri is the mappila version of the chapathi or roti. The name comes from the multiple maddukku (folds) that gives it its distinct layers.The other rotis are called unnaka chappathi (meaning dry rotis), by my grandmother. She makes one the night before and has this for breakfast with leftover fish or beef curry.It actually tastes better the next day.

A word of warning: This recipe tastes authentic only when the pathiri is fried well. Don't try to make it without oil or ghee.
Sometimes you can add a bit more of whole wheat flour to the mix to vary the flavour. This goes well with almost any curry but I like it best with sugar.

You'll need:for 4 rotis
All purpose flour-2 cups,
Whole wheat flour- 1/2 cup (you could make it fully out of whole wheat flour too)
Salt-to taste

1. Add salt and water to the flour to make a dough. The dough should be hard like that for puris, else it would be difficult to roll it out.
2.Keep aside for 15 mins. Divide into even sized balls...about the size of a medium lemon.
3. Roll it out thick and smear ghee or oil over it. Fold as shown in the pictures. Roll out into a 5" square.
4. Heat a griddle or saute pan and cook each side for a minute.As the raw color leaves the pathiri,add about 2tbsp oil or more to let each side fry well.
5. Turn over and fry the other side till golden flecks appear.
Drain and serve hot.


Sumitha said...

Definetly shall try it out soon Shaheen.Looks Yummy:)

indianadoc said...

Hw I miss all these Pathiris! Someone had asked me to blog abt this...I think now I cn jus link u'rs!

Sumitha said...

Hi Shaheen I had made these roti yesterday for dinner.They came out real good,it was very filling too unlike the regular rotis,must be because of all the oil,Thanks Shaheen!

Zerin said...

hi shaheen,

I saw this recipe for the kannuvachapathiri after i posted my request. Thanks a lot for replying.

ligi dipu said...

hello,is it to fry with the folded one itself,which shown in the 3rd picture???

mallugirl said...

After you fold it, roll it out to a 5-6" square and then fry it.

Pooja said...

Wow this looks yummy..I love Malabar rotis. Would definitely give this a try :)

Anonymous said...

my mom makes it with sugar and ghee inside and then fold it like u did and then fry. the sugar and ghee meleted together. it's great.