August 23, 2006

Pick Your Own.. Farm Visit

Chinese Bittergourd
Hot peppers
Red Blackberries
Blackberries.. They are red and turn black as they ripen
As if the produce from my farm wasn't enough, last weekend, we went to a farm to pick our own vegetables and berries. There was zuccini, hot peppers, sweet peppers, bittergourd, eggplant,tomatoes, rasberies, blacberries etc.It is a nice experience if you enjoy seeing the berries in their natural habitat and love the fresh taste. And when we started picking the berries, we realised how much work goes into filling one of the small containers we see in the supermarket. The taste though is incomparable.


indosungod said...

Shaheen I have never seen a pick your own veggies with Indian vegetables, must have bene fun

Priya said...

Unfortunately we dont have these kind of farms here in Little Rock, AR.

Curios to know how those chinese bittergourd taste.

Nabeela said...

wow, you have a farm of your own?must be fun!

Revathi said...

Wow it loooks sooooooo tempteing !!!

Prema Sundar said...

Iam visiting ur blog for te first time.. The pics look great.. I also went to a nearby farm last week and we picked blueberries and peaches..

Shaheen said...

indu, try going to one. choose a big farm and you will get all kinds of vegetables.
Priya, the chinese bittergourd are milder than ours.
Nabeela, I just have a vegetable patch that I like to call a farm.:)
Revathi, they are tempting.
Prema, thanks for stopping by. Please do that often.

indianadoc said...

good camera is on the move?

angeleyes said...

Shaheen, could you tell me if where in NJ did you go to "pick your own"? I really would like to go to a place where they have all sorts of fresh produces. Thnx :)

Shaheen said...

Angeleyes, the farm was

Siji rehana said...

Wow! you have rasp berries and blue berries in u're farm. Da parcel it when someone is coming next time from there. Its great to see that u're blog is going well. Good work. Your bro check it every week i must say and is quite impressed hahahah.