September 11, 2006

An Egocentric Meme..

I was: tagged By Annita.. Thanks
I am from: Of course, Malabar-Calicut.
I am thinking about: where to go in the winter.
I said: suck in your tummy.
I want to: go to Venice
I wish: Calicut was in US
I regret: losing my temper.
I hear: the phone ringing.
I am: so i am.
I dance: with my son.
I sing: when i hear a song.
I cry: when i am angry.
I am not: good at sports.
I write: foodie posts,emails,poems,lists......
I confuse: faces and names.
I need: more hours in a day.
I tag: Shilpa,Priya, Manpasand


shilpa said...

Hey Shaheen, Thanks a lot for tagging me. I would not be able to write abt this meme as it is not related to food. I am very very sorry. I hope you don't mind.Last time when I tried to write a meme, which was not related to food, I got not-so-good responses. So I just avoid them. Hope you will understand. Any meme related to food, and I will definitely respond. Sorry again....

Priya Bhaskaran said...

edo nammal meme cheythu kalinzgu:) Sudha tagged me!!! Anyway thanks for tagging me :)

Krithika said...

Thanks for tagging me Shaheen. I got tagged by Priya(Priablog) and Vaishali (happy burp). Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I wish: Calicut was in US - hahahaah that was soo funny! :-)

suresh said...


Shaheen said...

Hi Suresh, sorry , but couldn't follow what u wrote.