November 15, 2006

Giving Thanks/ Roast Chicken and Neriya Pathiri

Giving Thanks is not easy. So when Meeta of What's For lunch, Honey asked to participate in Giving Thanks, the theme for her Monthly Mingle, I was forced to sit down and think. It is said a combination of nature and nurture makes an individual. Assimilating and absorbing a bit of something from every person and every place we come in contact with is so natural that we hardly pause to think back at what we were and where we are. Some of the culture of each place we set our roots in gets imbibed into our system.

Things, relations and knowledge I take for granted now was hard won some time back and these occassions only make it piquant. I have a lot to be thankful for but have not realy taken time out to thank anyone. A recent TV liquor commercial had the tag line "Toast Life", something we should do every healthy day of our life. (Every day I see a cop car pass by while my speedometer is nudging me, I thank God fervently.)

Now I feel like I just won an award and am asked to say a few words.. Bhaiyyon aaur Bahanon....
I would just like to say thanks to my family who support me through all my whims and quirks. They encompass my siblings, parents and my in-laws and my husband's siblings and all their families too. They got me started on this blog trip and are still my biggest critics and supporters. Once I get something in my head, my mom and mom in law get the brunt of it as I keep calling them to clarify a recipe and check all aspects. So they certainly deserve a special thanks.

Thanks to my better half guinea pig and my little one who eats all the stuff you see posted here (almost)and all the stuff I decided not to post.(hi hi:))My better half gives me the strongest encouragement(a clean plate is the best encouragement)and criticism even though he has no time to cook.:)My little one goes, "It has no flavor" making a funny face if the taste is not right.:)So u see, I have a tough crowd at home itself.

Thanks would be due to all my blogger friends who everyday are an affirmation that I am not the only foodie and food snob around. I learnt so many new recipes, got over so many food hurdles and made new friends whose posts I eagerly await. It has made me more familiar with other cuisines while sharpening my knowledge of my own cuisine. To name one would be take sides but I appreciate all of u especially the ones who take the time out to leave a comment which ensures that I am not talking to empty air. Go on leave your name and a comment, good or bad.

The recipe I chose for the Thanksgiving meal is a Roast Chicken, Malabar Style. I had posted it once but I think it is still appropriate to the occassion. So instead of writing again, I have linked it up to the previous Post which has a step by step set of photos.

The second item is Neriya Pathiri, a delicate rice roti or tortilla so thin that making it for a mom level cook still makes me nervous. It is all in the hands.
It is a dish which reflects the delicacy of all relationships and moments. You spent a good amount of time creating it and unless you savor it, its gone in a puff. The detailed recipe I will post by evening as I have to get this to Meeta before she hits the deadline.
So keep eyes peeled as I post the step by step for this Pathiri. It's not difficult but it's not easy.


Anonymous said...

shaheen... Happy Thanksgiving in advance! Neriya pathiri is one of my hubby's favourite which i never skilled the art of preparing it. Awesome pics.
Guess what? I live in piscataway too (next to mcmc masjid)... cool :) I am definitely coming to your house for pathiri. Shaheen, we shud meet up girl!

Thanks, Babli

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Very well written Shaheen! Happy Thansgiving to you and your family.

Jaya M said...

dear Shaheen,
its a pleasure visiting here ,and so very well written,and yes you are not talking to empty air ,we are here for you ,thanks again for sharing such wonderful recipes and pics so mouth watering ,happy thanksgiving

Asha said...

Bahut shukriya Bahan:))

Chalo gale lag jaate hein:D

Chicken rocks sistah!! Can't wait for rice roti and my relationship with you is not like that thin Pathiri but solid:)

Mandira said...

Thanks for the recipe Shaheen.. No turkey for us, but I have been looking for stuffed chicken recipes. This is perfect!

Meena Kandlakuti said...

I love rotis..Sure i will give a try..tahnks for sharing them..and happy holidays

Sri said...

Hi Shaheen,
Happy Thanksgiving.Never heard of Neriya pathiri, but looks scrumptious...will definitely try them once you post it.

Burcu said...

I think chicken is best when cooked with Indian spices and the picture and the ingredients of your roasted chicken tell me I'm right.

Bong Mom said...

hi Shaheen,
very nicely written post...really we take so many things for granted that we forget that we should be thankful for all the small things we have
Your Roast Chicken...wil be my dinner for Thanksgiving
BTW I posted a comment earlier where did it go ?

Pooja said...

Hi, this is my first time here, got here from foodie's hope. You have a great blog here, I am sure I would love to keep visiting it. some itmes i would like if you will have time to drop by my blog.

indosungod said...

Shaheen the chicken looks awesome and Neriya Pathiri looks so warm and soft I can almost reach and touch it. I am still in awe, how can you make them puff up. A truly warm write up.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Shaheen, as I mentioned in my mail to you I loved your chicken when i read it. And I am looking forward to the roti recipe. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. This year, I was thinking of having and Indian inspired meal. Your chicken recipe is my pick for the main dish.

Anonymous said...

After the trying Spicy's Zucchini curry, I was in a mood to try out some authentic Kerela dishes today. Made pathiri and chicken ishtoo. I dint have pathiri podi, so used rice flour from the local Indian store.I have made pathiri before, but this one tastes amazing coz of the coconut milk(first time Iam trying with coconut milk). My husband loved the ishtoo. So far whatever chicken dishes Ive made are a big flop, except for sumi's Chilli chicken and now this ishtoo. Thank U !
Happy Thanksgiving !

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that the photos on your blog look awesome? Geesh, I'm hungry now!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Seema said...

Shaheen...Here's wishes to u n yr family on thanksgiving. Well...what more does one need...a yummmyyy treat of Roast Chicken n Pathiri...looksss inviting as ever !

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaheen, Long since you have tagged huh!!! Here is one- Cooking for a crowd Meme

How are you doing?

Revathi said...

Its 10.30 PM friday night and I am going thro all ur non-veg posts and slurping - I am going to get fish tomorrow and try that fish fry..
Happy Thanksgiving shaheen and thank you for all the wonderful nonveg treat you give me post after post !!God bless you !! One day i have to meet u and u have to cook a nonveg feast for me !!

Gattina Cheung said...

I thank you for starting your blog, it is really really wonderful!

Shah cooks said...

Thanks to all of you for ur wonderful comments. I was out for the past few days so couln't take time out to reply in detail to each one. Next time will definitely do so.