December 16, 2006

Plantain Pancakes.

I am on my plantain craze. I keep buying them when I see them, nostalgically thinking of all the wonderful Kerala dishes I can conjure up but then they are not ripe enough or get too ripe by the time I find time to cook. Visions of a whole bunch of bananas with the bottom half ripening, hanging in the shops in Calicut dances before my eyes as I pick them from an assorted bunch of ripe and unripe ones here.
I buy them when they are yellow with a little green streaks outside and firm to the touch and let it ripen on my sunny window side. They are ripe for cooking when the ends turn black and dried up. As they get blacker on the outside they are still good for eating but cook too fast and breakdown.

This is for one of those mornings when the kids are having their pancakes and you crave something a little different. It doesn't taste like fritters (Pazham Pori) but it doesn't taste like pancakes anymore. The rice flour and the black sesame seeds gives it a Kerala taste. This same mix can be used for dipping and deep frying the plantains but it soaks up a lot of oil unlike the original fritter's recipe. It tastes very crunchy though. Yum!! So spreading some oil on top and bottom lets it crisp up and cooks the banana too. Use bananas that are ripe but not too ripe.
Use store bought pancake mix (yes, I know it has preservatives but still it is easier to use that on a weekday rushed morning) or make the pancake batter from scratch using this recipe. For those who don't like messing with their Plantain Fritters (Pazham Pori)try the original Plantain Fritter recipe.
You will need: For about 6 pancakes
Fully ripe plantains-1
Pancake Mix-1 cup
Rice flour- 1 tbsp
Sugar -1tbsp
Black sesame seeds- 1/4 tsp
Water - 1/4 cup
Oil /Butter
Peel and cut the banana into diagonal slices of about half inch thickness.
Mix all the dry ingredients together and then add water slowly while whisking to make a smooth thick paste. It should be lump free and not too watery. If it does become watery, add a little more flour.
Heat the pancake griddle and spread a bit of oil or butter. Lower the heat to a medium and pour the mix as you would for pancakes and place one or two slices of the plantain on it, taking care to let the banana slices sink into the batter. Cover the banana slice with a thin layer of batter.
Cover the pancake with a lid for half a minute. When the first side is cooked, bubbles would cover the pancake surface and begin to pop. Spread a tsp of oil or butter on this side and flip the pancake over and after it gets cooked, remove onto plate. Serve with the syrup of choice or eat it plain.
This definitely doesn't taste good after some time so serve it hot.

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Asha said...

Oooh! Shaheen,that looks wonderful!Stuffed panackes,Yum!

indosungod said...

you don't mash the bannanas? should give this a try, I usally mash or grate the fruits and add to the batter!

babli said...

Ooooooooh! Shaheen that definitely was breathtaking! YUmmy Yummy,its for sure. Good one for a wknd breakfast or maybe a heavy snack. :)I will try it out !

Priya said...

yummmm...looks really good. I generally buy the banana's just the stage u have described and then let them grow black and blacker and more blacker until my roomie decides to eat them or use them in a smoothie !!!!

Anjana said...

shaheen, this looks wonderful. i buy ethapazham every week and try to have pazham puzhungiyathu every morning. this is good change from the boring breakfast


Krithika said...

This is a fantastic idea ! never used plantain in my pancakes. I have the same question as ISG, dont you have to mash it ? Also I read somewhere ripe plantain is hard to digest for kids. Is it true ? I love plantains :-)

Shaheen said...

Indo, Krithika, U don't have to mash it as it already ripe(ready to eat but not over ripe) and it cooks in the steam instantly to give it a soft texture. About it being not good for kids..I am not sure. Ripe well cooked plantains are given to kids but depends on how young the kid is. Its like sauteing the plantains in oil.

Babli, Asha, it is good as a stuffed snack too.

Anjana, Nothing can beat pazham boiled with coconut..hmm.

Priya, now a plantain smoothie.. thats new to me.

rp said...

That looks so good! When the kids eat pancakes, I would take one and spread some pickle or any spicy curry to indianize it. I hate eating it with syrup.

Nabeela said...

that sounds like such a nice combination Shaheen

Sumitha said...

Shaheen this dish is new to me,have to try making them. lovely pic with the kasavu saree!

archana said...

Sounds excellent, i always mash bananas for pancakes, slices stuffed inside will be much more interesting.

sra said...

hey, yummy pix!

shilpa said...

ooooo they look so goood. I am going to try this...beautiful pictures Shaheen.

Lakshmiammal said...

Hi Shaheen,
A wonderful recipe.Must try this.Thanks for sharing!

krista said...

That looks yummy! You have a very nice site.

WhItE_PoPlAr said...

These pancakes are ttly adorable! I wish I could have a bite now!

Shaheen said...

Rp, try making it like an uttappam.
Nabee, thanks.. have u eaten a cooked plantain?

Sumitha, Thanks!!a use for my ksaavu sarees.
Archana, stuffing it keeps it intact and reminds me of the pori.
Lakshmi, Shilpa, Sra, thanks and do try!

White poplar, thanks!

Krista, Thanks for ur sweet words.

Chandrika said...

A very wonderful recipe, Shaheen! I am going to try it soon.. Thank u...

Shaheen said...

U are welcome chandrika!Do try!

foodie said...

The pancakes looks wonderful. Can I use the regular wheat flour instead of bisquick or pancake mix?
You can visit my blog zaayka@blogspot. I have tried to post nutritious and healthy recipes.

Lee said...

amazing idea.

i slice fruits in put them in pancakes like strawberry or apple. thin slices with batter on both sides :D MMmmmMm

never thought about plantains

i like to fry 1/4" slices for a minute on each side and sprinkle with salt before removing. great chips and soft center. sour cream great for dip