February 16, 2007

White Bean Hummus w/Pita

A twist on the hummus..but a very simple and very fingerlicking recipe. Toast some pita bread and it is an excellent way to get bean protein into your kids. I ran out of chickpeas and made this one but now I am hooked on the clean taste which according to my better half is closer in taste to the Arab Hummus. Use as a spread or dip or serve with toasted pita bread.

You will need:
1 can of white canellini beans(which look like white kidney beans)
3/4 cup Sesame Seeds
3-4 tbsp Olive Oil
1-2 tbsp Lemon Juice
Salt to taste
Rinse the beans thoroughly and drain. Grind the sesame seeds with the lemon juice till it is a fine paste. Add a little water if the grinder blades get stuck. Now add the beans and blend till smooth. Drizzle olive oil from the top while the blender is running to aerate the hummus. Turn off and check the taste. Add salt and more lemon juice if needed. If it feels too thick, blend with a bit more olive oil. I like the olive oil but if you are worried about the fat content, substitute more lemon juice or water.
Garnish with more olive oil, parsley, chopped olives etc.


Asha said...

Looks like Tahini sauce! Something new!Good job!:))

starry nights said...

I love hummus and falafil.thanks for the recipe.

nandu said...


this looks good...how is it with all the snow?

Annita said...

thats new,Shaheen..good job... haven't tried making hummus at home..but ur pic looks inviting..

sra said...

yep, your pic looks inviting!


What a coincidence. Yesterday only we were discussing Hummus and Pita Bread. It's available in a restaurant called Crem Centre in Mumbai.We had tasted this dish in Dubai Now we can try it at home.

Anonymous said...

me want to try hummus for a long time. but can't find canned gazabo'/cannelini at our regular mall. so do u think, boiled gazabo will do?

Mishmash ! said...

Hi:) Isn't it tahini..?

KitchenFairy said...

Thank You verymuch for the recipe ..I was looking for that.Here its available everywhere but i didn't know how to make..From tomorrow we are starting our 50 days lending, so these types of recipes will be really useful..

Sandeepa said...

Absolutely lovely pic

asha said...

Hi Shaheen, Really enjoyed going through your blog - lovely presentation too. I tried your recipe with the regular chickpeas. Everyone loved it.
Also made a variation - Added finely chopped onions, chillies, and a bit of curd - had it with "kappa" (yam)
asha (simon)

Inji Pennu said...

Shaheen, I too like the idea of posting it on a single day. But I dont know how many will join. Especially people might have lot of other stuff to blog the same day. So I was thiking, If you can make a post about it, more and more readers will do the same and when yahoo is searched, this theft should come first...

It is truly arrogant of them to behave like this, which is sad!

Mallugirl said...

Asha, it looks like that but tastes nicer!

Starry nights, do try and let me know.

Nandu, snow has turned into ice here so a little slippery all around.

Annita,Its easy and very nutritious. And goes well with pitas,naans etc.

Sra, Thanks!
Harekrishna, I guess till we see a recipe, we don't realise how simple some things are.Do try.

Ki, cannellini should be available in any gorcery there. But u could always replace it soaked and boiled chickpeas(garbanzo) or white kidney beans.

Mishmash, not tahini is just sesame seeds and is a bit bitter on its own. this is creamier!

Kitchenfairy, Happy lenting.. So no non veg for 40 days..

Asha, nice of u to try. will tru ur variation next time. Let me know some of ur favorite recipes when u have time.

Sandeepa, Thanks.
Inji, ok march 5th it is.

RP said...

That sounds awesome! Do you know how long we can keep the homemade hummus?

Anonymous said...

I am from Toronto, Canada. Here, many adults celebrate Hallowe'en and enjoy it almost as much as the children do. Hallowe'en is All Hallows Eve for those schooled in the British tradition.) I was invited to a Hallowe'en costume party and I brought pumpkin hummus which I put into a hollowed out pumpkin. It was the hit of the party.
Just follow the basic recipe for hummus given here, but substitute canned pumpkin for the beans. Use lime juice instead of lemon juice and add some fresh cilantro and a bit of cumin.