May 25, 2007


Summer fruits as an idea for the Weekend Breakfast Blogging intrigued me and seemed so apt for capturing the sunniness of summer. Then I started thinking of which fruit I wanted to choose for my breakfast and the possibilities boggled the mind. Favorite fruit for breakfast is dried fruits or bananas, but they are there all year round.
When I opened the refrigerator, Strawberries glared at me saying "We are not just for desserts and snacks; We are good for you in the mornings too.We are chockful of vitamin C."
Its true. Straberries get bought by the boxes from price club and make their way into all kinds of desserts. The simplest preparation of all is strawberries cut up and sugar (very litle) sprinkled over it. Let it rest for 10 minutes and watch the metamorphosis. The tart and sometimes sour strawberries suddenly turn all coy and sweet.. and luscious. A no cook sauce.

What does it go with?

Top up your oatmeal or cereal with them.
Make a parfait with cream, granola and nuts.
Mix it in with greek creamy yogurt and honey if you want to be healthy.
For dessert, mix it with ice cream and caramelised nuts.
But as my little one remarked, the strawberries tasted best by itself.

But for now crepes crept into the mind and I whipped some up (minus the cream topping) and folded the strawberries in. A light breakfast crepe which you can easily make decadent by adding a strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

Strawberry sauce-
Wash and cut strawberries into quarters. Sprinkle a spoon of sugar for every two cups of strawberries or even less if the strawberries are sweet. Use after 10 minutes.

So how to make crepes?
I have no recipe of my own.. just follow the link.. super duper crepes and another recipe.
Another yummy topping for crepes is Nutella and bananas. Just spread some warm nutella on the crepes and top with sliced bananas and fold over. Additional whipped cream is great if avaialble on hand.

I might be late but this is my entry for the weekend breakfast blogging held at Spicy Andhra.


bee said...

a smoothie.

trupti said...

Pancakes. Do I get to have some If I'm right? :)

Sia said...

i can guess only if i get to taste;)

sra said...

aappam? idiyappam?

Nupur said...

Strawberry sauce as a topping for waffles? Or maybe to stuff inside French toast (the sweet American style French toast)?

Lata said...

Or a Strawberry Parfait. I eat that often for breakfast esp during Spring when the strawberries are fresh.

Nabeela said...

strawberry jam? Strawberry with yogurt(or cottage cheese)? Strawberry drink? Strawberry pancakes? Strawberry syrup/compote type thingy to drizzle on toast?Strawberry French Toast? Strawberry Cream Cheese? Gosh, there are wayyyy to many things you can make with strawberries for breakfast :D

Anita said...

I would have said smoothie but Bee has that already...and Nabeela seems to have the rest covered!

So, I'm going to say...strawberry jam!

You could always just dip 'em in chocolate and have them for brekfast - who can stop you!

Suganya said...

Smoothie or crepes

Sig said...

Strawberry Scone.

hmm... looks like someone is scouting for breakfast ideas :D

RP said...

Oh the game is over? I would have made a perfect guess. :D

sra said...

Well, I was right, aappams are Indian crepes!

nandu said...

We might go strawberry picking this weekend...
You are a good photographer..

Mallugirl said...

yeah sra, u were right,hi hi.
RP, now u would have a perfect guess.

Trupti, BEe,Sia, nupur..all of u had such excellant ideas.. maybe thats what i should do next time.

Nabee,so many options.. have u made all of these?

anita, yup who can stop me from dipping it in chocklate or sugar..

sig, ur parfait started the chain in my head.:)

thanks nandu for ur sweet words.

Mandira said...

looks delicious!!! crepes with nutella and bananas... that's our next weekend breakfast.

Bharathy said...

Ahem...nutella,banana crepes...great minds think (and eat)alike!!!