July 12, 2007

Kanmani Music Video

Most of us have our head in the clouds and ideals and aspirations of greatness when we leave college. Visions of major achievements fill our initial job hunt and initial choice of cities and places to live in and work in. Most of us (including your truly) get caught up in the daily grind of a job, commute, family, home,etc...and inertia sets in. While in school, inertia was just a physics concept to explain why our upper body jolts forward when the car brakes, while the legs stay where they are. Now I think we have inertia in everything.. inertia of changing jobs, changing houses, moving to a new place, taking exams.....I keep filing away a bunch of ideas that I want to implement when I have the luxury to, but time slowly slips away.

So when I come across friends and family who are following through their dreams slowly and systematically, it is a pleasure! This video is the first cinematography work my old college friend Sudesh did after getting out of Cinema Production School, last month. (Currently he is in Hollywood and we are looking forward to better and better shots from him.) Its a new album named "Kanmani" and has a string of new Malayalam easy listening songs.(Dare I say Pop songs?)released in Kerala this week. Can you guess where it was shot? For clips of more of the songs, go to the album website..Album Kanmani.


Bharathy said...

Commenting after viewing half a dozen times!!!Beautiful song compilation..blending all classical,western and kerala traditonal beats!!!
Wonderful shots!!!Malayalees do have that inborn talent of photography..
...feeling really proud to see a Malayalee in Hollywood..wishing his all success in his future ventures...:)...

Sorry!.. I am not for any guess games for this post!!:)

Revathi said...

It was short somewhere here in USA only. I know one person featured in the song !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice song!Very melodious.
Didn't care too much for the video. What kind of dance is the guy doing?

indosungod said...

Lovely song! Can't really place the locale. Shaheen what hidden talent are you going to reveal to us soon? :)

Sharmi said...

Hi, after a long time in your blog. loved the video and the girl looks so cute. great achievement by your friend!

Jyothsna said...

Congratulations to your friend. It is a nice and melodious pop song! But please ask the guy in the video to learn more dance steps :)

Mallugirl said...

Bharathy, Sharmi,glad u liked it..

PB, JYo,I agree..the dance in the video is so hilarious but i didn't want to influence opinion by commenting on it in the post.

Indo, what do u mean.. i have no hidden talents..:)

Anonymous said...

very nice of u to put it here

Rajesh Naroth said...

Shaheen, thank you for posting this video. The viewer count shot up on you tube after you posted it. It made a big difference.

Its been fun reading the comments as well. The guy is actually a good dancer and choreographer. Blame it in the director and editing.

Thanks again.

Mallugirl said...

Rajesh, its a pleasure to post the video. Best of Luck on the sales..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice song. video is good too. Good luck to your friend.


Sumitha said...

Hi Shaheen,I had seen this video on TV recently.Everything is good in this video,except for...eh...the guys dance;)Where was it shot?

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time trying to figure out what kind of dance it is that i see in Mallu and Hindi movies (including the popular ones that all desis dance at the parties/functions here in US). I thought the dance in this album was pretty good and went well with the music. (no relation to this guy - just my opinion since i was surprised to see the neg. comments).
On a diff note: I do refer to your blog and other links you have. Nice job and Thanks a bunch!

Kay said...

beautiful song and a nice album!!! the dance was a bit distracting, not very funny as I had imagined it would be (from reading the comments). :)

Rajesh Naroth said...

Hi Shaheen, How are you. Here I am again with another video. Could you watch it when you get a chance? This one is specially for all the nostalgic Mallus. Kunnimanikal on You Tube

If you find it appropriate could you post it up for a couple of days? I know its a lot to ask. If you cannot I will certainly understand.

This video was shot in Vadakara by the way. I couldn't find distributors in Kerala so the CDs are not really being sold yet widely. I might get some US sales. Last time your posting helped create a lot of viewing on youtube.

Anyway, my dream is to get every Malayalee in the world to see this video. It means a lot to me.

No dances in this one.. :-)

Thanks again
- Rajesh