August 08, 2007

Summer Express Event Extended...Aug 20th

Getting everyone to cook in under 30 minutes seems to have fired up the imagination, but getting everyone to blog about it maybe needs a bit more time. My own entries are not ready as I am timing everything now (much to the amusement of my family) and then I forget to take a picture in the excitement of having made it so fast.

I am getting some very interesting ideas from a lot of bloggers and each one is a treasure for the harried days. The variety is an eye opener.:)

One of my good friends promised to blog about rice gruel (kanchi) if I gave her more time and I definitely want to read about her version of it. No, I am not kidding. Jeera Kanchi, a Malabar recipe, is one of my express meals, so people knowing me would know that I love rice gruel.

Jeera Kanchi is an easy delicious way to quell the rumbling and tossing in the stomach on a sunday night after a heavy sunday lunch. It also is very nutritious on a weekday paired with any vegetable and pickle.(and maybe some fry for my better half.)

So I am extending it for a 10 more days to get my other blogger friends too to post their quick meal. Hope you all won't disappoint me.
Summer Express Cooking Event..details here.


Asha said...

Now you tell me!!:D
It's a good thing.I came to know about the event little late,squeezed in somehow.
In K'taka some Mangaloreans and north Kannadigas eat rice and Ragi Ganji(or ambli as we call it) too for breakfast.I never ever had it myself,so it's interesting to see the recipe for Jeera Kanji.

Sig said...

hey now you are talking... When I was driving back home today, I was thinking about your event... I have food ready when I get home now-a-days, so i really have to plan ahead to take over a meal... :D But now I have some more days, will get something out soon... :D

archana said...

Thanks Shaheen :) I am already preparing another entry.

sra said...

I was feeling sheepish 'cos I said I'm in and the deadline came up without me doing anything - thanks for extending it!

Jyothsna said...

Ah, good. Thanks to this event, I'm attempting to be super fast in the kitchen but equally slow at blogging the attempts. I hope you continue this event and not keep it a one time thing. Ah, kanji and puzhukku and pappadams....yum!

SeeC said...

Rice gruel is nutritious and love to have.

So, more entries now...good

Mona Afzal Hussain said...

Hello Mallugirl, is your real name Shaheen?! Lemme know. Well, i just posted my entry for this event and mailed you the information. I'm a newbie and dunno much about all this. Correct me in the procedures if i'm wrong anywhere. Nice blog u've here.

Mishmash ! said...

ethu njan epppzha kande :D


Mallugirl said...

asha, i am glad u already posted but if u want to add more, u are welcome, i am sure u have a treasure trove of fast recipes.

Sig, now i am really expecting an entry from u. cmon , give ur mom a break and make her taste ur wonderful cooking.

Archana, looking forward to ur entry now.

Sra, i thot so..coz u were so enthu..please participate if u can.

Jyo, i understand completely.. superfast in thinking but then no time to blog right?

see, i hope for more entries.

mona, hmm. my name..
yeah i got ur nice entry ., thanks a lot.

shn, hope u are still laughing.

Padma said...

Thanks for extending the date, so that now I can take a breathe and think about something quick to cook within 30 me thinking about this event and what to cook, took more than 2-3 days.. @_@

Bharathy said...

Good to hear that!!I am in my inlaws house now..Lots of cooking and good vegan food but left with more commitments and less time to blog..lemme see If I can think abt the TIPS u needed :)

Latha said...

I am 46 years young! Married for 26 years.I do have company here. I see that asha has copleted her 20 years of marriage. I really wonder what kept me away from computers all these years.
Nice meeting all you girls here.
Whether you want to believe or not , I took the snaps in between.On your next visit to my blog please do read My first cooking experience.
bye for now.