December 27, 2007

The Last Post of the Year...Thanks!!

Most of this year went in a pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy haze with nothing extravagant being blogged from my kitchen beyond the basics. When I got sick of my own recipes and I craved food from someone else's hands, I raided my fellow bloggers yummilicious recipes.

The whole year I have been cooking from other blogs on the sly without posting a "Thank you, this is what ur recipe turned out in my kitchen note." Most of this surreptitious activity occurred conveniently under the cover of darkness in the evenings and hence I have the perfect excuse not to have photographed it.

So let me take this year end time to list all the recipes I tried and loved in the last one year. Most of them are repeated frequently now in my kitchen just as I keep trying out new stuff too.

I developed a sweet tooth midway thru the preg. just after a friend asked me if I have sweet cravings and I said "nah!".
I always thought ladoos took time and effort, but these Moong Dal Laddoo were as delicious and easy as was described. My sweet tooth then intensified and I had to make Pooran Poli , Rasmalai, Addictive Date-Tamarind treats , , Palada Pradhaman,Pal Payasam amd most recently Almond Macaroons.

I went on a veggie kick (which is still quite active) and tried out yummy Punjabi Chole and Arbi ki Subji, Pav Bhaji as well as Kali Peeli Dal (now a staple here) and Gobi Ka Kheema which made the bland cauliflower actually taste good!! Some others were these crispy Bittergourd Chips, Pongalu and Methi Muttar Malai.

Meat and Fish Curries had to be tried out too to feed my better half so those were these Kashmiri Meatballs which were really good and went well with Jeera Rice. These Kuttanadan fish fry are always a hit but I just grill them instead of frying.
Pizza making turned out to be fun my little one with this recipe for Pizza, made quite a few times now as well this Chili Bell Pepper Pasta.

I got introduced me to a whole lot of beans this year (still working on how to make them better digestible!!!) and even made a multi-bean Adai and kollu rasam but the recipes that keep repeating in my house are the Cheese Dosa, and Bell Pepper Jalfrezi.

Kerala food is always welcome and always made but some new recipes I rely on have to be mentioned here...Koombu thoran,Mango Chammandi,Chemmeen Vada, Fool Proof Rasam Mango Pulissery,Veg Kurma, Crab Masala, Kozhi Porichathu. After a day of binge eating recently, we recovered on a bowl of Kanji-Payar, mishmash ishtyle!

Some recipes came as part of the Express Event and since I was on an express cooking mode then, they were quickly tried out and were yummy.. Moong Kichdi w/ Carrot Raita, Nut Cutlets, Best Chilli Chicken ever, Quirky Pita Pockets with Chickpeas,Dalia Pulav,and Methi Mushroom Curry

There are a lot more but I can't remember where to find them now and no time..
Thanks to all my blogger friends for adding to my repertoire of recipes and tastes. Looking forward to more next year!


Pravs said...

you tried 3 of my recipes !! Thanks for trying :)Recently i tried and liked your pavakka puliyinji.A nice twist to usual puliyinji.

Namratha said...

This was a good post, now I got to see all what I had missed!! Hope your little one is doing well...have a wonderful year ahead :)

Nags said...

that's such a sweet roundup! hope to see more of you in 2008. have a wonderful new year.

Anita said...

You've had a beautiful year, that you have a little Mallugirl of your own!
It is amazing how we can feel close to people just through these blogs. or maybe it isn't - because food connects us at a very basic, every-day kind of level. I wish I could hug you! I am so so happy for you and your husband that you have a little girl.

Best for 2008!

Shankari said...

Have a wonderul year ahead! I sent you an email..:)

Manisha said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

I totally missed your wonderful news! Congrats! And hugs to you and the little one!

Shivapriya said...

Shaheen, wish you a very happy new year to you and your family.

Mishmash ! said...

now this list is a reference point for me...:)

Have a happy....happpy NEW YEAR :)

Bharathy said...

God!!You tried all these recipes form your blogger friends?...

You did post promptly, all the months except for those crucial days..hosted a great Event on our own...and trying out recipes amidst is really appreciable!

Mallugirl said...

Pravs.. thanks for all ur recipes..

Namratha..thanks and wish u all the best for this new year!! that u say it, it does look like a roundup. i was actually making a one stop for all myself to come back and look for stuff later.

Anita..i did have a marvellous year!!!! u are tight.. some blogs do feel like friends over time. thanks for the hugs..and wish i could u in turn..u have a wonderful blog!

Shankari..thanks sooooooooooooooooo much!

manisha.. thanks alot! no u didn't miss much except that news!! Happy new year!!

Shivpriya..Thanks and the same to u!!


Bharathy..till i made the post, i never realised that i had tried out so much!!! Happy new yr!

Anonymous said...

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