May 14, 2010

An Indian BBQ..

The weekend is approaching... praying that the weather doesn't do the "let's dampen the weekend" game and stays sunny. It's not hot enough to run for shade and we are still basking in all the sun we can get.... have to get my naturally glorious Indian tan back! But maybe perfect weather to be out.
In the all American tradition, weekends are meant to be outdoors, enjoying the sun, the breeze and hanging out with the friends. Then the thought turns to "let's do a BBQ" and the first reaction is burgers and hotdogs..nah....
That won't tickle the palate tuned to the spicy, tangy, sweet palate..So then what are the options?
This is not an event, but I would love it if there are any interested participants who want to join in. Probably will be just me and my ideas so..:)

 What would be the menu for an Indian Style BBQ?
 Veg and Non veg items welcome. Keep in mind that food can't stay out for too long and should involve minimal on site mixing and preparation.
What do all of you make/take for a spiced up style BBQ? What was the last picnic/bbq item that you had, that you made or took....


ItVeganAtGenesis said...

I want to like the screen lol Mmmm Thanks for sharing!

Jyothsna said...

I'd love to know some bbq ideas! And I could share some too... I'll need to blog for that!

shifa firoz said...

hvg a bbq party at our place next to next weekend.. will post after that as i hv now new ideas for now! :D

SS said...

HI der..first time on your blog and I am happy to knaow about your lovely space...I havn't really made any bbq dis so far...lets see if i can share somethine

Srivalli said...

Shaheen, I was in a hurry the other day...though we haven't actually went out as picnic or so, I have the list in mind somewhere..will come back and want to know what I might have in mind right?..

Srivalli said...

Shaheen, I can't seem to leave a comment in your BBQ ideas post..I love all those pictures and won't mind the recipes for all of what you have wonderful to know that you enjoy can do this..

btw one of the links to what to do during BBQ is not working..

Mallugirl said...

Jyo, yes, if i could u blogging again, it would so good!

Shifa, can i come over?:))

SS, do link back and let me know when u post.. it can be collection of grill recipes then.

Thanks sri, i was really looking for inputs .. too lazy to chase everyone down, but hope u can whip up something in ur traditional speed.I fixed the links and the comments.

TD said...

Grilled corn smeared with lime, salt and chilli pwd (optional).
Grilled unmarinated veggies peppers, onions, zucchini, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.
Grilled eggplant, then mashed with salt, chillis, onions and fresh peas.
Marinated and grilled tofu and paneer.
Dipping sauce (spicy tamarind chutney usually).
Tandoori chicken.
Ground turkey burgers or
beef burgers with cumin, coriander and chili pwd in the mix.
Lamb, chicken or beef kababs with Indian spices.

Iranian and middle eastern cuisine is full of grilled meat...I use their recipes a lot to cater to the Indian palate at our bbqs.

Usually I shoot for plenty of grilled veggies, lightly grilled garlic bread, two types of protein followed by fruit salad.