June 24, 2010

Last Two Days of the Giveaway..

Wonderful response so far..
We are onto the last two days and there is still time to participate. If nothing, just leave a valid email id in the comment section without anything else and you can enter the raffle.
c'mon... don't lose out on $100 worth freebies. 

Has anyone caught the football/soccer fever yet? I am not so into the whole game, but it is hard to ignore it when the DH follows it so intensely. Since our great nation doesn't qualify in it, every body has to adopt a European or South American country and  get excited about their countries for the Copa Mundial/World Cup being held in South Africa. Though how can you watch all the games with the sound of vuvuzela is beyond me.
My interest doesn't usually go beyond my fledgling qualifications of a soccer mom cheering at the kid's Saturday games. Since I don't play the game, I can never understand why the kids can't just morph into a Ronaldo or a Messi and just kick instead of hovering indecisively around the ball...I told you, I am just a soccer mom who thinks its easy..

Some time back CSN Stores contacted me to do a giveaway of a git certificate to one lucky winner at my blog. Over time, I have made friends with a lot of bloggers who are obviously food obsessed but also met a lot of like minded foodies...my readers who try out the recipes here and take time to leave their valuable comments. For all the effort you all invested, this is an opportunity for me to say Thanks and give you all a chance at winning a gift certificate.

CSN stores is a series of stores under one company. They have a huge online inventory where they sell everything from Housewares, Home Decor, Bathroom vanities to Furniture. Its like an amazon for just Home products.

The winner of the giveaway gets a $100 gift certificate which can be used at any of the CSN Stores online.

Here are some of the things I found interesting on the site with a cursory look through. Go through the site to decide what you would like to buy if you get the $100 certificate.

Hand Stand Mixers...
This is one I wouldn't mind getting!!

Circulon Round Grill Pan..
Doubles as an excellent Dosa and crepe pan.

Pressure Cookers...
No more lugging it from India..think what you can fill in that space in the suitcase instead.:)

How about some cool mandoline chopper for the Kitchen...

 Or even Le Creuset Stoneware.

So what do you have to do to participate in the giveaway?
Not much , just spend a minute on my blog, typing in a comment and leaving your email id..that's not too bad for a $100 gift certificate, right? 

And just to spice things up, I want to know either of the two things:

1. What was the best dish you cooked/baked in the past year – leave a link if you have one.
2. Visit the CSN Stores, and for your entry comment, tell me what you would want to get from there. all products at any store including the cookware or home decor store.
3. Name your favorite Malabar recipe from my site or any blog site as your comment. ( Hi, hi...Promoting Malabar cuisine, not necessarily from my blog.. there are so many wonderful bloggers there now.)
         4. Still shy?..Just leave an email id.
To win this awesome giveaway of $100 gift certificate just do the following:

Leave a comment with your answer to the question above and e-mail id. If you enter, you MUST leave a way for me to get a hold of you so I can notify you if you win.

I will let the Random Number Generator choose the winner.

This giveaway is open until June 25th, 2010, midnight EST. Unfortunately CSN stores ship only to US & Canada and thus the giveaway is limited to these addresses. Please note that  I do not get any compensation monetary or otherwise from this giveaway. My blog is just the host site for it. 


Trendsetters said...


I follow your blog and have found sone interesting recipe that I ve bookmarked to try. great space u got there. I wud love to participate in your giveaway. I happen to try the Neely's of food network coconut cake recipe recently. I wud love it if u get to see that here http://creationz2009.blogspot.com/2010/06/coconut-cake-from-pactrick-and-gina.html

good luck to all the participants

Mami2jcn said...

I'm a big fan of the Combi 2010 Strolee Stroller in Mauve on the CSN web site. I also love their chandeliers.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Katrina said...

I would choose the step 2 easel for my daughter's birthday

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Stephanie said...

My family goes notes for farali batata. A vegan stirfry with peanuts and saracha as the dominate flavors!

Happy Cook said...

Till now my favourite thingi made this year is last months DB as i would have never ever made them if it was not for the challenge and it came out beautifully.

The recipe i love the most is that Malabar chicken biriyani.

Gayatri said...

Hi Shaheen,
One of your silent visitors here. I have to admit the freebies made me comment :)

My utmost favourite recipe from your site has to be the simple Malabar chicken curry. I love that post for 2 reasons, one it is such a simple yet tasty dish, two this was one of the first recipes i cooked afer my wedding and it taught me so much..i.e your tips in that post are wonderful!

I would love to get a handstand mixer especially cause I ripped one of my shoulder muscles and I am barely able to make Roti dough anymore:(


Katie said...

i would love to get the Heys USA XCASE World's Lightest Carry-on - DS04

I have had my eye on it for a little while so it would be great to be able to win it :D


Vaishali Sharma said...

Hi there

I would love to participate in this Giveaway.
Here are the a answers to ur questions:

1. One of my best dishesast year was Rasmalai

2. I wud love to get the Stand Mixer as it's really gonna help me prepare dough.

3. I love ur Payasam recipe. I am vegetarian n don't read out any non-veg recipes . :)

My email Is vbhutani03@gmail.com

Nitha said...

I love unnakkaya.. One of my favorites.. Never tried it here.. But love the one u ve posted.. http://malluspice.blogspot.com/2008/09/unnakaaye-stuffed-plantain-pods.html


Anonymous said...

I'd pick the CBK Gold Wall Mirror with Pineapple Accents and Bar Frame if I won.

Thank you for the giveaway!


elaine said...

I would choose the Osgoode Marley Cashmere Handbags Mini Tassel Bag- SKU# OGM1216.

Elaine R

Mylyne said...

The best sidedish I made was baked olive oil coated new potatoes drizzled in balsamic vinegar. The dish I like best on Malabar Spices is Chicken Samosas. I would spend the $100 gift certificate on any CSN lighting. They're cool!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaheen,
I liked & tried the recipe from Zaiqa, Idlis – Steamed Rice-Lentil Cakes
Perfect recipe for idlis. Well done.

I would like to get
1. Zwilling JA Henckels Twin Pro"S" 4" Decorating Knife - 31029-103, bcoz its my dream to have one.

2. Delonghi Indoor Grill - BG24
3. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I liked your spring roll recipe, your recipe taught me to make the spring roll filling.
I like your sardine in spicy curry. Amazing presentation. beautiful pictures, from all your recipes. I learn a lot from your tips & ideas, as well as the comments from others that are posted on the recipes.
Thanks. Keep up the good work.


meeyeehere said...

I make a nice lasagna that is never the same.Often I use cream cheese and cottage cheese and a homemade meat sauce.

Domestic Diva said...

The best thing I've made? Greek inspired chicken skewers. It's become a family favorite. Yum!

ney said...


Like Gayatri I'm one of your silent fans and the opportunity to win some freebies got me to leave a comment today.

The best dish I've made this past year is actually a receipe from Giada on the food network. Its 'Herb stuffed tomatoes' with an indian twist to it. I love coriander/cilantro so I switched out the parsley for cilantro and added a little bit of red chilli to spice it up.


Happy cooking

Arc said...


Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
The best thing I cooked is Rasgulla (which I made into rasmalai) from Kichu-khon (Sharmila's blog) in the last one year. My favorite recipe from Malabar recipe is the biryani. I used the shriimp biryani recipe and used veggies instead and I love this biryani. For the giveaway, I would love a stand mixer..


zerin said...

yaaay shaheen you have a give away!
great going girl.

I would like to mention my favorite recipe form your blog would be the kozhi nirachathu! I am an ardent fan.

crispus said...

Hi Mallugirl,
There has been so much that I picked up from your blog since i got married and started cooking!
Of all ur droolworthy pics & posts- I ABS lov your Beef varattiyathu & Alu Paratha.
But then again i LOV your recipes that i tried out like the Madikki Pathiri,triangular chappati,the great post on Pasta sauce...i cud go on & on...i follow ur recipe n tips almost religiously and they turn out Delish each time. :-)
Psst...im still wandering all about CSN stores deciding which 2 things i'd like to buy if God gifts me with that gift certificate ;)!

Nags said...

i love your malabar egg curry and have made it so many times already. took pics last weekeend when i last made them and will post soon :)

I would LOVE that ice cream maker and a bunch of small knick knacks from the store (like spatula, cake mold, etC) in case I win :D

Anu said...

The giveaway made me delurk (Sorry :)....)I ve been following you for quiet some time. I have the same answer for the questions 1and 3. Its the chicken cry recipe [http://malluspice.blogspot.com/2008/02/ulli-kozhi-chicken-cry-with-lots-of.html] from your site. I am soooooooooooooo in love with it. Made it few times for guests and it always fetched me compliments. I introduce it as chicken 'cry' and always explain why its called so too. :)...Between, Iam also from malabar. (Calicut to be exact)

Shoba Shrinivasan said...

Hey there Shaheen,

Been to your site a few times before and always loved your clicks. I also love yor simple Nei Choru which is so simple yet so full of flavour.
I also loved the Mutter Panner.

I`ve recently been wanting the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

From my posts, I love the Yennai Kathirikkai Kara Kuzhambu from my blogpage, which is very tasty and delectable and gets the maximum hits everyday!!!


Priya Ajay said...


I would like to get a
Cuisinart Power Advantage® Hand / Stand Mixer - HSM-70

You have a very nice space here.
Do visit my blog when you get time


AJ said...

My favorite recipe is from your site:
Roast Chicken and pathiri- http://malluspice.blogspot.com/2006/11/giving-thanks.html

Love your blog. always look forward to your recipes.

- asha.jacob@gmail.com

Jyothsna said...

Please cheat and make me win the icecream maker and get it shipped across the Atlantic! ;)

Bong Mom said...


You make me do so much work to win the giveaway ;-)
But honestly I love all of your non-veg recipes. Your Biryani masala has been a savior.

Nands said...

Hi Shaheen,

My favorite Malabar recipe is from your blog itself and its Unnakaye



Parita said...

Lovely!! I love that sorbet and ice cream maker machine, have my eyes on it from long time :D

shankari said...

Uzhi kozhi is my all time favorite from your blog. I have tried many of your chicken recipes :)
My fav recipe that I cooked recently was rava dosa...
I can buy so much from CSN- choosing one is difficult :)

cordelia17 said...

I want that Mandoline! And I love all your malabar recipes, especially the Biryanis and the unusual seafood recipes like kadukka nirachathu.

ppercywell at gmail dot com

Pooh! said...

My first comment here. I lurk often and I have you subscribed on my reader.I love Calphalon and would choose the Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 10" Stir Fry Pan

Chindu said...

I have been following your blog from when I started to cook & so, in a way, you are one of my teachers :D.
My favorite dish from your blog would be 'Chicken curry in a hurry'.I have used that 1 too many times to count.
The dish that I loved to cook the past year is one I got from my grandma...

Good luck to all.

Ria Mathew said...

The best thing I baked last year was my Dad's B'day cake : Viennese Chocolate Genoise Sponge with Strawberry Mascarpone [ http://riascollection.blogspot.com/2010/01/viennese-chocolate-genoise-sponge-with.html ]

I would love to win that ice cream machine!

Anonymous said...

Favo recipe from your site is Fish cutlet.They are just awesome.Thanks.

Sharmi said...

I am going to answer the first question.
I love to bake and love to make banana walnut bread. As I remove it from the oven, it disappears in minutes.
my email is sharmikomal(at)gmail(dot)com

Srivalli said...

Shaheen, all your non veg dishes are so tempting! esp those biryanis..I have bookmarked them, will have to do them sometime..


Laavanya said...

That is a cool giveaway -thank you!
I recently made a tres leche cake after longing to try one and it was fabulous.

Bharathy said...

Hi Mallugirl, :)


..I'm in.. I'm in!! ;)

1. Last year's Best dish had been the Humble and Simple Chocolate Cake! http://spicychilly.blogspot.com/2009/04/chocolate-cake.html

2. Wud love to be a proud owner of the Stand Mixer(kitchen aid if possible ;))

3. Malabar Spices was the food blog I visited for the first time ever and had been the major source of inspiration, as you yourself know :)

I love your biriyanis and all of those yummy non veg dishes (which I visit now and then..drool and sigh ;))..Love those Perfect Ari pathiris too!

Good Luck to All who are a part of this wonderful Giveaway! :)


FoodZone said...

I would love to participate in this giveaway and here are the answers to your questions:

1)One of my best dishes:

2)Would love to get the hand mixer.

3)One of the recipes I like from your blog is:
Looks so yummy and spicy!

My email:

Danielle said...

Thanks for the offer! I love your blog.

My best this year was probably the latest iteration of sour cherry pie from my Dad's tree. I use an almond meal based crust; wishniak, almond extract, cinnamon, brown sugar, and a bit of corn starch in with the cherries for the filling, and cinnamony crumblies on top. Made eight pies this year so far, along with gallons of jam.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaheen

One of my all time favorite recipes is your chicken biriyani.
I would love the Stand Mixer at CSN website among a hundred other things!


MJ said...


I have been using so many of your recipes for the past 3 years and too interested in consuming the end result that I never leave a comment.

But.. how can say no to freebies..

My favorite has to be the fish molee.It has given me rave reviews everytime.I lost count of how many times i have made it. Thanks Shaheen!

maria634 at gmail dot com

JamericanSpice said...

My best dish this year, was Get your man chicken :)
Even though I blogged about it last year. I've cooked it a couple times this year already :)

And I'd love to buy the Prepac Espresso Manhattan Bench

Shyni said...

I forgot to leave my email id it is shyni_john@yahoo.com

RV said...

I will buy something for our new home. Love the options that CSN store has.

Red Chillies said...

Have fun hosting this Giveaway and thanks for letting me participate in this Shaheen:

1) One thing that I have baked in the past year are these Masala Cookies,

2) If I win love to get my hand on that Cusinart Ice-cream maker.

3) I have bookmarked so many recipes from your blog malbar or not: micro idli vada, plaintain pinwheels, sweet and sour mangoes.

My email: myredchillies@yahoo.com

Thanks and good luck to all.

Kay said...

Oh man! I'd loooooove that icecream maker to make my own dairy free icecream!

And I'd love to try that erachi pathiri

And... the best recipe I tried last year is THIS cake. Everybody who ate it couldn't stop eating it and it was raining compliments from all sides! :) It's unbelievable good! I don't make it anymore because of the dairy intolerance that DD and me have, but if there's anything worth a small slip up from my diet, this would be it!

Thanks for the giveaway!

tabtomorrow AT gmail

Nandita said...

Hey I stared reading your blog two years back when I was newly married and couldn't decipher my mom's recipes for good old mallu food on the phone. You know the 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' line that used to drive me crazy. My favourite recipe is probably the easy fish curry.
Good luck all

Debbie said...

I would start with this waffle maker: http://www.csnstores.com/087877831005-087877831005-8300100-cce1063.html. I'd also want a new blender!

swapna said...

first time here by searching for 16 bean adai...going to try tomorrow you got quite a lot of recipes.nice giveaway..

started blogging few months back, this 16 bean chappati is my fav

would love to have hand mixer and Le Creuset Stoneware.


Sharon said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win this generous gift certificate! I have my eye on the Le Creuset eggplant braiser.

BangaloreBaker said...

The best thing I baked this year was 'Eggless Brioche' - http://versatilekitchen.blogspot.com/2010/03/eggless-brioche.html
I would love to have this from csn stores - http://www.cookware.com/Escali-136KP-ESA1063.html
I have this in my to do list - Grissini from Wildyeast

My email: versatilekitchen at gmail dot com.

Ann said...

Last year I came across shrimp biriyani posted in this blog.I went ahead and made it...and came out really well...That was my first attempt in making a biriyani...:)...Sadly I dont have a photo of that...

If I win I would like to have a bakeware set...

foodieann at gmail dot com

Divya P said...

Hi! I love your blog and have tried out a couple of recipes. the most recent one was the malabar chicken biryani, which the whole family loved.
If I won the CSN voucher, I would like to get the"Rachael Ray “Bubble & Brown” 2-Piece Stoneware Baker Set in Blue".

LiMa said...

I would love to get a yogurt maker. We've been trying to add more yogurt in our diet so I've been making lassis, yogurt rice and of course moru curry. It would be better than buying lots of cartons of yogurt.

Nive said...

Hi, Thanks for the giveaway...I would love to have the 'cuisinart icecream maker' anytime..


Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway I would love to win this and use it towards the Wildon Home Kabini Cre'me 8 piece comforter set!

Leila said...

Hello Shaheen , have been going through you recipes since 6 months but I have to admit the give away made me comment.
I like the mathi molagittathu the best. Calicut is my hometown too so naturally!
I like the circular grill pan on the CSN.

Urs....Jina said...

Ah.Great.That sounds nice.
The best dishes I have cooked ever is the Chicken Biriyani from Kitchenmish mash's blog and the chicken curry in a hurry from your blog.
Keep up the good work
My email id is jina.dcruz@gmail.com

Rahin said...

Hey Shaheen , thanks for letting me know abt your wonderful give away ! I chkd the store n there are sooo many things that make my wishlist, i would love to buy , like the icecream / sorbet maker for my little one , grill pans , baking moulds etc etc etc

neway the best dish i baked last year was the Tandoori Lasagna n this is the link



BrightStar said...

I am a regular on yur blog and I reallyu love the fish dishes you make...My personal favorite is http://malluspice.blogspot.com/2009/07/kerala-red-fish-curry.html#more, which brings back fond memories of my grandmother's fish curry with the unmistakable flavor of kudampuli. Keep up the great recipes!!

Divya Kudua said...

I am on a blog break right now but just couldn't resist commenting on this one..who wouldn't like to win 100$ worth stuff..I flip on their bakeware section!!

Pixie said...

Sadly the best dish I've baked this year was a squash casserole :)


Rashmy said...

Thanks for posting this.
The best dish I baked recently was lemon squares - was heavenly.

I would love to get the stand mixer..

Your Kerala fish curry is one of my favorites..

R M said...

Hi Shaheen
I check your blog almost every week. The best dish I have made from here is your mallu fish curry. Like you say, it does taste better the next day.
Good wishes as always

Deepa said...


I would love to participate in your giveaway...BTW, you have a wonderful blog...I love your clicks!!


crispus said...

Hi Mallugirl,
Am eager to know the result ;)
After looking around all the CSN stores..(it is a nice site btw). I decided on a few bakeware things and something for my baby! and I left a comment earlier sans my email id..so here it is - bijister@gmail.com

Anonymous said...


AG said...

Hi Shaheen:

I've tried quite a few recipes from your blog. Malabar Chicken Biryani is my favorite.


edmontonjb said...

I would love to get the Rachel Ray Soup It Up set or really any of the Rachel Ray pieces


Anonymous said...


I am a frequent visitor to your wonderful blog!Thanx to you for all these wonderful dishes n introducing us to all those yummy malabar delicacies:)
1.I luv the roast chicken on your blog.That was the family favorite of last year :)
2.I would like to get the Handstand mixer.
3.The recipie I like the most among your malabar cuisine is meen pathiri!



koki said...


I love the malabara parathas, egg curries and briyanis a lot :)

I baked the opera cake once and by far thats the best cake I have ever made. It was from daring bakes challenge from meetas whats for lunch honey blog

Lisa said...

Definitely the Mother Lode Layered Cookie Bars.

Soma said...

I want that Hand mixer :-)

your fish recipes are to die for. This is a fish lover's paradise. i wish I cooked fish more often. We used to had lots of friends from kerala and i still remember the mouthwatering fish curries they would make. I have to try out some.

Nive said...

Thanks for the giveaway...I would love to get any kind of
bathroom accessories thro CSN...


Anonymous said...

Hi there...happened to find your blog recently...congratulations on the amazing spread...the giveaway looks tempting...this is a recipe tried out last christmas and was gorgeous...truly befitting the season...rich and festive..festive fruit and nut cake....here's the link http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2180/festive-fruit-and-nut-cake...my email id is artha10@yahoo.com

kalvj said...

Hi Shaheen,
My Family is a big fan of your Malabar Fish Biryani recipe..! I would like to promote it.
my id : creativechap@gmail.com

Lisa S said...

Oh I forgot to leave my thoughts about what recipe I want to try...first any of the express recipes, and more specifically the bell pepper fajitas....mmmmm
I am the same Lisa S who wants the ice cream maker. lisastassforth@sbcglobal.net