August 07, 2011

Iftar Recipes..

Ramazan has already started ... It's a time to focus, to exercise self-discipline, fast, along with being religious and praying and contemplate. Ramazan is not about the food.. lets not make it about the food but as a food blogger,  the mind wanders to the traditional Malabar fare more often than the usual. There is a community feeling in the fasting back home with the routines all turned upside down, the usual weddings, occasions and activities suspended and time is measured as fasting days.

 So while I haven't had time to cook and blog new iftar recipes, here is a collection of iftar recipes in blogs that I refer to when I run out of ideas.
Life Today
Sugar n Spice
You tube videos
Lebanese Recipes
Zaiqa's Ramadan Round up
Shabs Cuisine

If there are other good sites, do leave a comment with a link and I will add it here.


Joy Juicer said...

This looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You have always been my cooking savior.Your recipes are very authentic and your blog too. :-)