November 10, 2011

Grilled/Baked Chicken Legs..

It's Fall outside my window, yellowed leaves falling constantly, spreading a golden carpet in the woods behind, denuding the trees one leaf at a time. A burst of color everywhere, but this time the hues tempered  down by the unseasonable onset of snow. So the brilliance is low and slowly the grey is pervading everywhere. The malls are fighting back with their slew of bright colored winter sweaters and jackets, as if that will ward off the quietness and stillness already around.  There is a playground outside my house, which lights up when it sees kids but that's only when the sun is shining bright on it.. the rest of the time, it looks so forlorn and empty... as if the kids vaporized instantly. Maybe I should do a chicken sacrifice to appease the Fall gods into extending the glorious Fall season.

Chicken Legs were a favorite growing up, with a fight ensuing for them over the dinner table with my siblings, since the chicken in those days had only two legs.:) Nowadays the chicken (at least here) can have as many legs as they want, since its just a matter of ordering more of them at the Halal shop. You can buy just the thighs, just leg quarters, just the white meat, just wings.. if u pause to think of it, (which the kids don't,) they would wonder why the chicken has so many legs!  It used to be that meat was a luxury, with every part of the whole chicken being used fully to ensure that it was worthwhile. The good meaty parts went into frying and the bony parts went into a curry or stock. And indeed, a curry tastes way better if its made with a mix of dark and light meat, bony part et all than just white meat or dark meat. So for curries, I still get the whole chiken cut up, but for grilling and baking , this is better with even sized pieces which evens out the cooking time. Now it's a convenience, with chicken being cheaper than vegetables, with us buying whatever suits our needs more. 

You Will Need:
Chicken Drumsticks-5
Garlic Powder-1tbsp
Onion Powder-1tsp
Salt-1 tsp
Thyme- 1tbsp
Paprika-2 tbsp
Black pepper-1/2 tsp
All Spice Powder-1tsp
Optionally, Biryani Masala-1tsp

Mix all the dry rub ingredients together and keep aside. Wash and dry the chicken pieces, with or without the skin on. I grilled it with the skin on and the skin just crisps to a  crisp crunchy layer, which you can discard later if you want. The chicken should be dry and then score it twice and rub the dry rub generously all over the chicken. Let it marinate in the dry rub for an hour or so and then grill.
Place a thin layer of oil on the foil lined tray before placing the chicken on it and place it in a preheated 400 F oven for 20 minutes. Then cover the chicken with the foil and let it bake for  another 10 minutes to let the inside get cooked. Increase the heat to broil setting and open the foil and let the chicken crisp up to the broiler for about 5 minutes and you are done.
Some chicken may take less time if they are smaller.. check for doneness after 20-25 minutes.
Serve with flat breads and humus.


vineetha said...

Gorgeous fall pics..Has the same story to tell abt chicken drumsticks,good that this generation dont have to fight for legs :)

SWAPNA said...

Recently i bought a spicerack with all these spices in it.My husband was asking to prepare chicken with different spices.will give it a try

Tina said...

Lovely fall pictures...Baked chicken legs looks mouthwatering.

Bong Mom said...

Love the idea of multi legged chicken :) To see a tray of chicken legs for the first time was indeed a time of wondering for us FOBs.

This week was not bad but it is getting colder again from tomorrow :( How are you girl ?

Mallugirl said...

Vineetha,:) true.. though now I no longer like chicken legs.

Swapna, sure go ahead,, experiment and let us know how u like it.

Tina, Barely any fall around.. this was on one sunny day that i managed a couple of snaps!!

Sandeepa, Chicken run??:))Loved the weather this week, now gearing up for the layering of jackets and frost.

Women World said...

Fabulous! Very perfect and temping chicken.

Annie said...

Nice shot of the leaves, and having a chicken drumsticks to enjoy the season,is a great way to spend it. For most part, in frying dishes, I use coconut oil to produce healthy and delicious meals

Nicole Gamble said...

Great post – I’m going to Tweet about your blog.

Botanical said...

lovely pictures. i love autum in the UK its just lovely.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful blog to prepare me for my trip to Kerala and, even more so, to guide my cooking upon my return home.

Juice said...

I loved the leaves but the chicken was better. I love chicken legs to this day.

Anonymous said...

Shaheen Hi! Don't you blog anymore? Miss seeing your posts. Couldn't access your blog too. Hope all is fine.

kiran said...

It's summer of 2012 outside my window and where the heck are you??? :-)