August 09, 2006

FMG-2 Guess The Plant

Its not too difficult if you have been reading my previous posts... What do you think this plant is?


shilpa said...

Shaheen, its Indian spinach. Called as Basale soppu in Kannada and Vali in Konkani. I recently came to know its called Indian spinach here in US.

Anonymous said...

iam rupa.i go thru the blogs whenever iam free at work.the plant is called "BachaliKura" in Telugu.I also planted it last year.

indosungod said...

Shaheen my first thought on seeing the plant was that it was spinach.

About the white spots that you see on the eggplant leaves, I have seen them on the leaves on my plants too. I don't know what pest causes those. I do not think it is because of the gunpowder mixture though? Do you still see bugs after spraying them and how do the leaves look now?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaheen
I am Asha from Melbourne, Australia.
Whereabouts is your sister in Australia?

shammi said...

Lucky you, growing your own okra must be very satisfying! :)

Shaheen... I have a question. I've heard of Malabar adai but I've not seen a recipe anywhere. I had adai once at a Malayali friend's place - it was thick, savoury, quite dark in colour and eaten with fresh butter. Was that Malabar adai? I've never had it since, but I cant forget how lovely it tasted. I'd be grateful if you could help :) Thanks in advance!

Shaheen said...

Shilpa, rupa,it is indeed spinach, called malabar spinach here.. i mistook it for cheera initially, till i found out it was a slippery version of ordinary spinach.
indu, the gunpowder seems to have killed the mite sized bugs and it didn't cause the tiny holes on the leaves. the leaves still show them. hoping it won't affect the fruits.
asha, my sis is in Wayala, near Adelaide.
Shammi, gardening is like having a pet..:) ok as for malabar adai...what comes to my mind are..
1. adai.made from all dals together.. kind of like dosa.
2. a layered rice pathiri
3. koyiada.. a savoury somasa with meat stuffing
4. ada-- the sweet one with coconut and jagggery.
5. could be spicy rice pathiri too.
any clues?

Anonymous said...

malabar spinach