August 12, 2006

Summer is going....going..

3 more weekends left..till summer is declared over in the north-east (US).. so head to the beach, barbeque, park,rafting... whatever strikes a chord with your mood. Get out, get some sun before it become a distant memory when the cold air pushes its way in. How do we enjoy the warm weather that we took for granted in our tropical mainland? In Jersey, it's heading to the shore time.
And somehow, food is a predominant aspect of the fun.. what do we eat, what do we take, what do we grill???? This is the base for next year's memories. So, everybody,regale the blog world with all the wonderful ways each of you celebrate summer.
And foodies from Florida,California,India and other warm places, please ignore our summer fetish while you laugh with glee. You have to have winter to appreciate the heat.So, I am off.

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