August 29, 2007

Express Cooking Round-Up Part 1

Finally the entries have been ordered, sorted and categorized! Whew!! Now I really admire anyone who does an event and its roundup every month! The entries had started pouring in from day one but it's only when I sat down to sort it that I realised how many were there! Can U guess how many?
If I have missed posting any of your entries, please bear with me and just send me a hate mail and I will add it pronto.:) There is no way I can check and double check all of them!
I kept delaying and extending the inevitable but I knew once the Kanji Recipes got blogged here and here, I was running out of excuses to do the round-up! So special thanks to two of my friends, RP and Shn for proofing the post.

Rice Dishes:
With the maximum number of entries, Rice has been voted without contest as the easiest to cook with and most satisfying meal at the end of a hard day.
The three categories of rice meals are :
1. Plain steamed rice with a sauce based curry or stir fry.
2. A Pulav is raw rice cooked together with other ingredients.
3. A fried rice which is cooked rice fried with other ingredients.

Fresh plain rice is a must in most Asian houses and while it is cooking, you have enough time to make a curry or a stir fry and in 15-25 minutes at the most, a rice meal is ready to eat.

Some of our bloggers proved to be exceptionally fast...A full meal made from scratch on the table in under 30 minutes! That too traditional style. So take your time and drool over these sumptuous looking plates and wonder if you can attempt the same without calling the fire brigade.:)

Its not too hard if you take a deep breath, focus only on the kitchen and no kids and spouses come looking for you in that time seeking your opinion. And of course it only works if you have a reliable pressure cooker..or 2 ..or 3.

A Pinch of Spice: Kerala Fish curry, Green Beans, Rice

For The Cook In Me: A 30 Minute Kerala Meal

Yum Blog: Express Rice Meal

Saffron Trail: A Tam-Bram Meal in 30 Minutes

Mishmash: A Kerala Kanji-Payar Meal

Simply Spicy:Kanji For the Soul

Chef at work: Sambhar, Plantain Sir fry, Rice

Cooking for all seasons: Andhra Pappu Curry,Taro Stir Fry,Rice

Cinnamon Trail: Egg Curry with Rice

Snack-O-Rama:A Rice Meal

Simple Curries:
Sometimes we have a bunch of leftovers including rice and roti.(If we all plan ahead and organize ourselves as Jugalbandi suggested!!) But the main dish is missing...Then all we need is a spicy, tangy or sweet-sour curry to round off the rice or roti meal but we run out of ideas..what can be made in so short a time while you heat up the rest of the leftovers? So here are some express curries and stir fries for you to try out. One fresh item can revitalise the meal!

Ahaar: Mixed Vegetable Tofu Curry

Food For Thought: Kohlrabi & Drumstick Dal with Rice

Recipe Junction: Green Tomato In Coconut Sauce and Rice

Live To Eat: Tomato Roast, Scrambled Egg and Rice

Jugalbandi: Thai Red Curry With Brown Rice and Bean-Nut Salad

Finger Licking Food: Tomato Rasam and Cabbage Stir Fry

Evolving Tastes:Mapo tofu, Green beans with cashews, Rice

Mary has two little lambs : Kerala chicken stew

Delectable Victuals: Chenai Elavan Koottu

Curry Bazaar: Microwave Bhindi

Crazy Curry: Apple Daynay

Cooking Thunders: Bittergourd Curry and Microwave Cake

Cinnamon Hut: Potatoes in a light and fragrant tomato gravy

Amma's Special:Tamil Sambhar, Rice

The Singing Chef: Achari Aloo

As Dear As Salt: Paneer Curry

Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen:Thai Shrimp Fried Rice

Cookery Corner:Quick Healthy Meal

Fried Rice and Pulavs:
Pulav..where the rice and vegetables or spices are cooked together is a filling one pot dish for those absolutely short of time. The rice imbibes the flavor of the liquids and vegetables to make a unique pulav each time.

Fried Rice: And if you have rice leftovers, they are an excellent base to make any kind of fried rice. Just stir fry some vegetables, chicken or meat, some spices and you can have a different rice meal everyday for a month!

Escapades: Quick Tomato Rice

A Mad Tea Party: Mutter Pulav, Greek Yogurt

World Wide Cooking: Talimpu Rice

Veggie Platter: Paneer Methi Pulav

Spice Corner: Moong Kichdi With Carrot Salad

The Spice Café: A Lentilo Pulavo

Saffron Trail:Methi Mushroom Curry With Onion Rice

My Workshop: Shrimp Fried Rice

My Workshop: Asparagus Fried Rice

One Hot Stove: Fried Rice With Glazed Tofu

Nalapaka: Coconut Rice

Khana Pina: Chitranna

Indian Food Rocks: Garlic Fried Rice With Rotisseri Chicken

Food court: Kadhi Kichadi

Chutki Bhar Pyar: Jhatpat Pulav

The Singing Chef: Kabuli Pulav With Yogurt

Add Flavor:Cabbage Rice

Zaiqa:Chicken Biryani

Yum Blog: Bisi Bele Huli Anna

Lajawaab:Hot n Sour Soup, Fried Rice

Tried and Tested Recipes:Ek Top Na Dal Bhaat

Other Grain Recipes:
We get caught up as with the obvious choices for meal times.. rice, roti, pasta, sandwiches, but there are so many other grains that beg to be explored right now. As there is more and more hype about eating healthy and eating a variety of grains, it is interesting to see these mainstream recipes, some with other Grains such as broken wheat and corn and some with variations of the traditional rice and wheat.

Bong Mom’s Cookbook: Broken Wheat (Daliya) Pulav

Vcuisine: Corn Kichidi

Spicy Chilly: Vegetable-Rava Khichdi

My Veggie World:Pulihara With Beaten Rice

En Samayal Arai: Varattu Upma

Cook's Hideout: Broken Wheat (Daliya)Kichadi

The Singing Chef: Taro Rice Balls


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Shaheen, I really feed sad that I missed this event....but at the same time delighted at your wonderful idea...for there has been several lazy days when I end up scratching my head as to what to cook for the day...something 'jhanjhat free'...Well as I see here in your huge collection,rice is definitely the easiest...Any way thanks for a one stop shop to solve the confusion of the day! BTW wish you a happy onam...

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this has got to be the most useful event in the food blogosphere, in terms of practicality. thanks for organising this.

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Shaheen, that looks amazing. Nice job on the round-up. Clearly, a page to come to when I am thinking of what to fix quickly. Thank you!

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I really wanted to send in an entry to this event 'coz a lot of the meals that I cook are express meals....but got caught up in some other stuff.
Neways, lovely round-up. Great job hosting!!!

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We need a round ups blog! I love these collections of recipes.

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First of all, I appreciate ur patience and hard work in conducting and then summing up the event. This post will serve as an excellent reference for readers and be a one-stop-shop for recipes. Congrats and keep up the good work.

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Shaheen, this was one amazing event, and two amazing round-ups! You are helping us all to eat delicious, home-cooked meals more often. What a great collection of ideas- and with your painstaking categorization, it will be easy to use this as a reference in the future. Thanks for all your hard work!

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You deserve a pat on your back for a wonderful event and a nicely categorized round-up! Very useful recipes here. Bookmarking this!

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Thanks for all your comments! It was a lot of work, yes, but the whole event was successful only coz i had such a wonderful collection of entries.. whats the fun in categorising 2-3 entries? so thanks to all of you for participating! it was a nic eexperience.
Asha, can't make the pictures bigger as the page would use up too much time to load then.

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Shaheen, admire your ability to assort and organize the entries in a neat way. Nice round up. Viji

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