August 29, 2007

Express Cooking Round-Up Part 2

Let's take a break and have some dessert! After going through all these meal entries, don't you wish more of us had blogged easy desserts too? Despite my teasing, three brave bloggers have decided that its better to fill the stomach with dessert than no food! I agree wholeheartedly with them. If they can't have bread, let them eat cake!

Simply Spicy: Pal Payasam

Lazzat:Kesar Bhaat in Five

Curry Bazaar: Shahi Tukde

Pasta and Noodles:
To continue with the round up, Pasta and noodles are versatile and if your family likes it, they present a wholesome express meal. Keep it as simple as you like or make it elaborate with a cream sauce, but it still doesn't take up too much time.

The Spice Café: Pasta Aglio O Olio

Padma’s Kitchen: Express Pasta Meal

Food Matters: Lemon Thyme Spaghetti with Smoked Salmon

Kadchhi ke Kamaal: Pasta with Vegetarian Bolognese

Hunger Pangs: Pasta with Red Peppers and Feta Cheese

Curry Bazaar: Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Curry Bazaar: Chinese Hakka Noodles

Married To A Desi:Linguini With Spinach, Artichokes and Hearts

CrazyAboutFood: Cilantro Pesto Pasta

Sharpen Your Knife: Chopped Turkey With Tarragon Sauce

Cooking Pleasures: Whole Wheat Pasta

Chachi’s Kitchen: Noodles with Green Beans

Malabar Spices: Pasta With Meat Sauce

Roti Meals:
Some of the bloggers were experienced enough to create a Roti/Chappathi/Phulka (Call it whatever you want, its the Indian Tortilla)meal in the time specified. Some made it from scratch (wow!!!!) and some sensible ones made the side dish while the rotis defrosted!
So here are the Roti Recipes...

When My Soup Came Alive: Palak Dal With Fried Chappathis

Tried and Tested recipes: Mutter Paneer With Chappathi

Spicy Khana: Egg Curry With Chappathi

Soul Food:Sukhi Dal With Phulka And Salad

A Mad Tea Party:Rotis With Taro(Arbi)and Lentils.

Food-n-More: Mutter Paneer and Frozen Phulkas

Yum Blog: Rotis With Snake Gourd-Lentils Curry

Miscellaneous Dishes:
These could qualify as a heavy snack to tide over evening hunger pangs or as a light dinner for those days when you just need something fast but not too heavy.

What's For Lunch, Honey?: Garlic Shrimp on Toast

Sreelu’s Tasty Travels: Tomato Chaat

Out Of The Garden: Spinach Soup with Idli Croutons

Neivedyam: Nut Cutlet

Lemon And Chilies: Summer Salad

Kajal Dreams: Tricolored Sandwiches

Jugal Bandi:Bean-Nut Salad

Jugal Bandi:Pita Pockets

From My Palate: Besan Ke Cheelay

Aroma Hope: Jhatpat Frittata

Daily Musings: Chicken Fry fit for a Burrito

Curry Bazaar: Rongi Cutlets

Spice_D: Veg Fajitas

Cooking Adventures:Black Bean Quesadillas

Malabar Spices: Three Pepper Quesadillas

Cookery Corner; Veggie : Black bean Quesadillas

Chef At work: Usal Pav

Andhraspicy:Zucchini Dosa

The Budding Cook: Cauliflower au Gratin

A Pinch of Spice: Egg Rolls

Malabar Spices: Pav Bhaji

Other Recipes:
Fusion:Sweet n Sour Raita
Yum Blog:Poori With Kurma


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